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If you are intrigued by what you see at our website, check out some of these interesting links related to the Himalayas and beads.  Write to us if you have a great link to suggest!

(If you're looking for retail sources for our items, browse our Index of Retailers.)  Wayne's quick search for an "official" Nepal website yielded this remarkable resource.  What do you want to know about Nepal?  You'll at least get a start through this website.  One of the important themes of travel in Nepal is the issue of keeping the place "green."  This non-profit organization's website is interesting in that it highlights the tremendous opportunities to enjoy and protect the environment while traveling in Nepal.  As we mentioned on our opening page, the Nepal Youth Opportunities Foundation is a reputable organization that meets the needs of young people in Nepal.  If you're looking for a way to help, check out the site.  This  website was designed by Peter Francis Jr., the world's only full-time beadologist, who devoted much time to sharing knowledge about the origins of beads.  His site is a wonderful resource with oodles of information, useful books and bead items for sale, and links to other related websites.  Sadly, Peter Francis died while on an excursion in Africa on December 8th, 2002.  We hope that his colleagues will maintain the website as part of his legacy.  The New England Area Bead Society, known to many as Beadesigner International, has created a site "devoted to the study, design, and research of beads, beaded jewelry, and beaded objects."  This is the site of the Intergalactic Bead Shows--A great source of information about one of the best series of retail/wholesale bead shows in this galaxy or any other.  The site includes links to a wide array of bead vendors.  The National Bead Society is an information resource launched by the Intergalactic Bead Shows, with the support of a growing community of bead vendors and bead enthusiasts from coast to coast. One original intent of the site was to give easy access to bead societies throughout the states, but Leo Krauss doesn't mince words about the "shameless commercialism" of this for-profit entity.  It's worth checking the site.  The Lapidary Journal website includes how-to instructions for bead making, show calendars, and plenty of articles about technique, products, and workshops.  The U.S. Department of State web page may be useful to those of you who are thinking about traveling to Nepal or anywhere else abroad. The site includes travel-related info, such as warnings about areas of political unrest. This link is actually to their "site map" rather than the home page. The site map is an index to the various types of info on the site. In the past, we have found that the site changes too much to count on linking you to the relevant Nepal info. Scroll down to the "Services" section and the "Travel" subsection for travel warnings, information on how to get travel visas, etc. The mission of Educate the Children (ETC), a registered non-profit organization is to provide educational and development opportunities for children, women, and communities in Nepal, enabling them to gain new skills to improve their lives.
Women's Empowerment Cultures and Religions of the Himalayan Region, provides an overview of the religions of the himalayas.