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Welcome to A World of Good,

Importing authentic ethically sourced crafts and jewelry from Katmandu, Nepal. Click on any category above to see our products, news, and ordering information. We are constantly updating our website as we receive new merchandise. Visit us in person at any of our upcoming shows. When possible, we are delighted to meet our retailers at their place of business by appointment.  Trunk shows are also possible.  Ask to join our Index of Retailers who carry many of the items you see here.

We have scaled back our wholesale activities, so many of the items on this website are not in stock. We can special order items for you, but the prices will not be the same as those last recorded in this website--please accept our apologies for that.  We will make an effort to obtain current prices for you before filling your order.  


Modern Circular    
All new brass, copper and pewter beads and pendants are in stock now! 

Beautiful Prayer Box Pendants (left) here are some  variations on the traditional Tibetan Gao. They are used as place to keep prayers and holy relics.

   Laxmi Small.JPG   
All new Traditional Necklaces!

      Lotus Earring

Newari and Tibetan silversmiths are fluent in a variety of styles, which include these modern lotus earrings.


We carry old, modern, large, small and fantastic rings. Click to see more rings.
Dragon Capsule Carved GP.JPG       Gold Plated hand carved copper
Dragon Bead
Carved beads show intricate detailed work that is a trademark of the Newari and Tibetan Craftspeople

These bracelets bear the inscription OM MA NE PAD ME HUM, a prayer for long life and good fortune often chanted by Buddhist devotees. The eight auspicious symbols in this bracelet are reminders of the way to enlightenment.

To see the library that we helped to build in rural Nepal.   Please visit our blog.

Things are always changing here and abroad. Lately, silver prices have been rising, along with tempers in Nepal. We do our best to continue supporting cottage industry despite the work strikes and changes in the Nepali tax laws. We also make some very direct contributions to some brilliant students. To hear more about children in Nepal and our family click on our latest news.

Students at Gonggang